Handmade Lokta Wedding Confetti Cones - Tube of 20



Handmade Wedding Confetti Cones -  Natural Lokta.
  • Pack of 20 Handmade Lokta Wedding Confetti Cones
  • Lokta Paper is a sustainable resource and is chemical and acid free
  • Each cone is 20 cm long x 7 cm diameter & in a clear tube for safe transportation
  • Totally unique - for that special occasion!

These Natural Lokta cones will blend with most wedding themes, and can be filled with dried flower petals for a venue friendly confetti photo opportunity!

Handmade lokta paper is environmentally friendly, ethically traded and chemical/acid free. Lokta is a sustainable resource ~ the bark of the Daphne Papyrus plant is stripped away to make the paper and as the root system of the bush is not damaged it grows back!

We trade fairly and ethically with the resulting benefits to the artisans and communities in Nepal

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