Handmade Gift Tags - 'a gift for you' 'best wishes' 'hooray' 'with love'

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Each pack contains 10 Gift Tags of handmade lokta with screen printed 'a gift for you'

These handmade gift tags compliment so many of our gift wrapping paper and hand decorated with natural lokta paper for writing, plus flower feature 

Each Tag is 9.5 x 5.5 cm

Message options:

  • 'a gift for you'
  • 'best wishes'
  • 'hooray'
  • 'with love'

Lokta is a sustainable resource ~ the bark of the plant is stripped away to make the paper and as the root system of the bush is not damaged it grows back!

All of our products are designed here in the UK and manufactured in Nepal. We trade fairly and ethically with the resulting benefits to the artisans and communities in Nepal