Lokta paper invitations Posted on 20 Mar 11:41

One of the most popular uses for our beautiful handmade lokta paper and card is for making very special wedding, celebration and birthday invitations!

You can select from our Cornflower, Rose, Mixed or Marigold petals options - plus of course Natural Lokta too!

The petals are embedded into the natural lokta during the paper or card making process which creates a lovely effect for invitations, place settings, order of service and thank you cards etc.

Both thicknesses of paper can be put through laser or inkjet printers and we suggest that printing is done on the non petalled side. The card thickness is perfect for the outside covers of your stationery too.

To ensure you have matching envelopes to post your creations in....we are pleased to say we have increased our range of envelopes so that all petal options are available in A5 as well as A6.

Take a look at the stunning invitation pictures which one of our customers has kindly shared with us ~ we hope it inspires you!

handmade lokta paper wedding stationery

New Shop in Menai Bridge Posted on 21 Apr 22:11

We are pleased to announce that we have now moved into larger retail premises in the lovely town of Menai Bridge on the Isle of Anglesey.

Our shop in LlanfairPG was lovely, but had become too small for our needs, however our new shop has two sales floors and certainly has plenty of space in which we can display all of our ranges!

The building is Listed and has lots of character including original pine floors and stunning fireplaces in all the upstairs rooms.

From obtaining the key to opening the doors to customers entering took just under three weeks, so we definitely worked really hard to decorate and merchandise in that time ~ but we are thrilled with the results!

Feedback has been brilliant and we are enjoying the increased room in which to show our products to their best effect. 

If you are in the North Wales area please pop in to see us ~ a warm welcome awaits you!

New Shop in Menai Bridge, 21 High Street, LL58 5EE

New order processing premises for Anglesey Paper Company Posted on 1 Nov 13:01

Well ~ we are finally in our new premises and settling in nicely, its perfect!

We took the decision a few months ago to move our business to a new location. The business unit we have been renting for the last three years was very large and very, very cold (all year round!), and since we opened our retail shop in Llanfairpwllgwyngll on the Isle of Anglesey, we just didn't need all that space.

It took us quite a while to find the perfect building ~ but we settled on the largest log cabin which Dunster House supply which is 5.9mtr x 6mtr deep. It wasn't an easy job to prepare the ground and foundations for such a large cabin, but it was so worth it!

Dunster House are a great company to deal with and the building arrived on time and in great condition - although I have never seen so many individual planks of wood in one place! The whole construction was as straightforward as was promised and after a coat of protective weather protective varnish on the outside, the cabin was built! 

All the usual electric, heating and the inevitable internet connection finished it off ~ and I do hope you agree that the end result is fabulous!

We now have a warm and purpose built cabin from which we can work, and the space is really conducive to our creativity, so keep looking out for new products and ranges ~ there's no stopping us now!

Tragic events in Nepal Posted on 29 Apr 03:59

We were deeply upset and concerned when we heard of the earthquake which has devastated the Kathmandu Valley and beyond.  
We have been thankful that our friends and their families are safe so far, although their home from which they run their business has been damaged and they are unable to safely return to it until extensively repaired. 
There are so many things which the Nepalese people now need. In the short term water, food and shelter - and in the longer term, support to rebuild their homes and business so that they won't have to rely on aid. 
We know that our Nepalese friends will endeavour to recover from this tragedy as soon as they can, and our aim here at the Anglesey Paper Company is to continue to promote and sell there lokta products so that our continued trade will have a direct benefit as we restock and re-order.
If you feel you would like to make a donation to support the recovery efforts in Nepal, then we would encourage you to donate via this recognized Aid Agency: DEC Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Shade Recovering Service Posted on 19 Mar 13:31

Do you have a lamp base which you really like - but the shade needs replacing? The base can be any size from a small table lamp to a standard floor Lamp. We are confident we can create the perfect shade to compliment any base!

If you are in the Anglesey area then do please bring the base along to our shop if you can, but if you live further afield then send us a picture of your base and we will work with you to handcraft just the right shade to match your base and your décor.

We can make stunning shades for you from any of our stock Lokta Papers and embroidered papers (see below).

Do you need a shade which is deeper or wider than shades your've seen on the our website? Then please get in contact as every shade can be custom made to meet your requirements.

In addition, we can make light shades from any wallpaper or fabric you may have. Contact us for a quote.

We are here to offer you experienced advice and guidance to create feature lighting in any room – so please contact us with your light shade requirements.


I am so thrilled with the lamp - thank you so much. It looks stunning and I will certainly spread the word about your wonderful shades and products. I will definitely be back soon!  Lou "I am so thrilled with the lamp - thank you so much. It looks stunning and I will certainly spread the word about your wonderful shades and products. I will definitely be back soon!" ~ Lou

We are so happy with it and now want to get shades for the hallway so we shall be seeing you soon ~ Kirsty "We are so happy with it and now want to get shades for the hallway so we shall be seeing you soon" ~ Kirsty



New shop open in LlanfairPG Posted on 3 Mar 14:00

We are pleased to announce that our first shop in Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, opposite Pringles is now open!

You will be able to view our display of unique interior lighting which is all made by our company at Gaerwen, Anglesey, as well as being able to look through our colours and designs swatch books from which your shades can be created.

In addition to our lovely lighting, you can choose from our extensive lokta stationery and products...our full range is available to purchase as special gifts or perhaps as a treat for yourself. 

Come along and see our stunning products in person - a warm welcome awaits!

Opening Times:

Monday ~ Saturday 10:30am - 4:30pm

Tel: 01248 422612

Holyhead Road, Llanfairpwllgwyngwll, Anglesey, LL61 5UJ



New lighting range - Wall Lamp Shades Posted on 8 Oct 16:16

We had been looking to expand our interior lighting range further and found the perfect solution with our Wall Light Shades! As you can see from the product images, the light shines stunningly from top and bottom of each shade ~ to great effect.

The colours and designs we have on offer vary from contemporary to traditional and everything in between and we are confident that you should be able to find shades which will either blend subtly into your decor or make a bold statement - whichever you prefer!

So many homes have wall lights in differing styles and types ~ and our shades are suitable for mounting onto new or existing B22 light fittings.

On our website we have listed 11 wall light shade options to start with - but we can of course make them from any of over 50 designs as shown in our gift wrap section. In addition, we have embroidered non woven fabrics (shown in our ceiling shade category) from which you can have your wall light shades created.

We do hope you like our new range and please dont hesitate to contact us on 01248 422612 if you can't see exactly the shade you are looking for - we are here to help!

Wedding Confetti Cones launched! Posted on 11 Sep 14:15

We have always thought how lovely our lokta paper would look when handmade into Wedding Confetti Cones, so with this in mind we decided on the optimum cone size for filling with natural flower petals.

Confetti cones are still ever popular at the end of the ceremony and for photo opportunities, and when filled with natural petals they are venue friendly too!

Our handmade lokta cones are available in four different lokta paper options ~ Natural, Polka Dot, Cornflower Petals and Gold Screen-printed on natural, however, if you take a look at our Gift Wrap Papers and would like to have wedding cones made from any of our other paper colour and design options, then do please give us a call on 01248 422612 and we can arrange production of the bespoke cones for you.

There are 20 handmade cones in each clear and capped plastic tube. The solid tube ensures you can transport your cones safely and are easily removed when you are ready to fill the cones with the contents of your choice.


How is Lokta Paper made? Posted on 22 Jul 14:49

How is Lokta Paper made?

Lokta paper is made from the bark of the bush named Daphne Papyrus, which only grows at an altitude of 6500ft or above in the Himalayas.

The inner bark is stripped away, but the root system isnt damaged and regrows ~ making this a fully sustainable resource! The plant itself grows to about waist height and the flowers have a beautiful fragrance similar to that of the Hyacinthe, and when the bark is stripped off there is a wonderful aroma just like inside a pea pod!

The Lokta bark has to be boiled for eight hours to soften and break down the fibres, and it is then hand sifted before being pulped to a smooth paste.

Every single sheet of paper is handmade by a cupful of lokta pulp being added to the wooden/mesh frames. Once the pulp has been hand circulated, the frame is gently lifted to ensure even distribution. Amazing accuracy can be achieved by the skilled artisans, and a variety of thicknesses from just 5gsm  are available.

At this stage of production leaves and flower petals can be laid onto the pulp to create stunning papers, and also seeds can be added to the mixture for seeded papers.

Once the frame has been drained, it is dried in the sun (which doesnt take very long for most of the year) before removal and stacking ready for the many uses the lokta paper is used for.

Various techniques can be used to create the stunning patterns and designs you see on our products, one of these is Screen Printing. Every single sheet is hand printed using water based paints, and then each sheet is dried once again in the sun.

Another technique is the Lokta paper being dyed into various base dye colours. Almost all of the colours are achieved through natural dyes, with no chemicals or acid being used at any stage. The dyes are created from plants and minerals and this method has been used for many centuries in Nepalese paper production.
Batik paper is created by wax being applied to the natural lokta paper sheets, and then it is dried in the sun. Once dry it can be dyed into any of the many base colours. Alternatively, the wax shapes which have been applied can be painted in a rainbow of colours ~ take a look at our Multi Square paper to see this stunning effect.


Photo Corners - How to apply Posted on 16 Jul 16:17

A short video about how to apply photo corners to a Lokta paper Photo Album.

click here to view the video if nothing is displayed above.