Fair Trade Policy

Our family run business based on the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales, UK is proud of its direct, honest and ethical trade with our supplier in Nepal. The benefits to the artisans and their immediate local community as a result of our trade cannot be underestimated ~ it secures long term and sustainable employment. We are in the privileged position to have become good personal friends with our supplier, and this can only ensure the continuation of Fair Trade between us is maintained.


  • Our business will support, promote and uphold our own Fair Trade Policy and principles at all times
  • Anglesey Paper Company(More Than Bags ltd) will continue to deal directly with their suppliers – using no middle men which will ensure a totally transparent product trail.
  • We will continue to clarify annually that our partner artisans receive above the minimum wage for their skill base within Nepal.
  • Our artisans will continue to receive religious festival holidays, plus their additional financial festival bonus prior to this event allowing for them to celebrate abundantly with their families.
  • We will continue to agree prices for our goods with our supplier prior to placing our orders, and never imposing our prices onto them.
  • Anglesey Paper Company(More Than Bags ltd) will always pay in full for all orders prior to their dispatch from Nepal.
  • Anglesey Paper Company(More Than Bags ltd) long term business relationship with our supplier allows for the artisans to plan, employ and train their workforce for future growth.
  • We ensure healthy two way feedback on design processes, thereby encouraging and growing our businesses ~ thus benefiting the artisans by creating additional income into the local Nepalese economy.
  • All of our suppliers workforce are paid equally for their skills regardless of gender, race or caste.
  • Lokta bark paper is a 100% sustainable resource and we will continue to promote this environmentally sound method of paper-making.