New paper colour launch for our lighting range

One of our most popular light shade papers is our Batik Tread plate pattern, which we supply in several colours. As a result of many customer requests we are pleased to launch this particular design in Jet Black - so stunning!

The paper is created by applying wax to the natural lokta paper and then its dried in the shade. Once its dry it is then dyed black (without any chemicals being used) and then dried in the shade once again.

Its a lengthy process - but so worth it - especially once made into one of our light shades. The light shines through the wax patterns when lit, and is also an attractive feature in any room when unlit.

We have an oval shade (30 cm wide x 20cm tall) and a tall cylindrical (15cm diameter x 30cm tall) are stock items - but please give us a call if you would like our new Black Tread plate paper making into a different shade shape or size. 

We show images of the shade unlit and lit, and we would love to hear your comments below on how they looks!