Buffalo leather - how it's made

Ever wondered how the buffalo leather hides are processed ready for covering our buffalo leather journals? - then here goes!

All of the leather used in our journals is a By-Product. i.e. the animal has been primarily used for food production. Modern tanning processes of mass produced leather is not ideal, however our buffalo leather is made by rural villagers in Nepal, where traditional tanning methods are still used. 

The skins are soaked for 2 - 3 days and then given an initial cleaning. Then it is soaked for a further 20 days in salted water until totally clean. 

Dhairo plants are then added to further soaking solution for up to one month - as this is a natural tanning component. 

After this lengthy process, the leather is left in the sun to dry, where it is kneaded and stretched regularly. 

Finally, natural oils are rubbed into the hide to soften and preserve it - then it's ready to be made into our stunning leather notebooks and journals!