Wooden Books - how they're made

We make our wooden books at our premises here on the Isle of Anglesey, and there are several processes to go through until the finished product is ready for despatch. 

We start by selecting high quality wood, either Sepele (a type of mahogany) or European Oak from which to make the front and back covers and the hinges.

The book  covers are first cut out with a circular saw and then hand finished using a belt Linisher, and finally hand finished to obtain a smooth surface. The wood is then treated with Danish Oil and Beeswax. 

The wooden hinge plates are then hand cut, drilled and finished in matching wood - then the brass hinge pins are turned on our lathe and assembled. 

The end bindings are created by plaiting three shades of lokta twine together which are then threaded through pre drilled holes - thus ensuring the book will open flat, and is totally secure.

The 96 page lokta block is inserted into black lokta holding pouches - meaning the journal is refillable. 

Finally, this unique journal is placed into a handmade lidded lokta presentation box. 

We are able to personalise your wooden book too, whether it's for a Wedding Guest Book, or Hotel/Guest House visitor book, or perhaps a special memory journal - they are completely versatile ~ please contact us for a quotation