Wedding Confetti Cones launched!

We have always thought how lovely our lokta paper would look when handmade into Wedding Confetti Cones, so with this in mind we decided on the optimum cone size for filling with natural flower petals.

Confetti cones are still ever popular at the end of the ceremony and for photo opportunities, and when filled with natural petals they are venue friendly too!

Our handmade lokta cones are available in four different lokta paper options ~ Natural, Polka Dot, Cornflower Petals and Gold Screen-printed on natural, however, if you take a look at our Gift Wrap Papers and would like to have wedding cones made from any of our other paper colour and design options, then do please give us a call on 01248 422612 and we can arrange production of the bespoke cones for you.

There are 20 handmade cones in each clear and capped plastic tube. The solid tube ensures you can transport your cones safely and are easily removed when you are ready to fill the cones with the contents of your choice.