Notebook - Orange Circles

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Notebook - Batik Orange Circles

This very special notebook has been handmade using lokta paper. The batik pattern is created by applying wax to natural lokta and is then dried in the shade. Once dry the full sheet of lokta is coloured using chemical free dyes then retried before making into the notebook - to stunning effect!

15 cm x 15 cm 

96 unlined pages 

Handmade, naturally dyed, environmentally friendly, ethically traded and chemical/acid free. A versatile Notebook with many potential uses including memory notebook, small photo album in addition to general notes! sustainable resource ~ the bark of the Daphne Papyrus plant is stripped away to make the paper and as the root system of the bush is not damaged it grows back!

All of our products are designed here in the UK and manufactured in Nepal. We trade fairly and ethically with the resulting benefits to the artisans and communities in Nepal