Origami Sheets - Pale Colours - Pack of 20 - (20cm X 20cm)

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Handmade Origami Sheets - Pale Colours - Pack of 20

Size: 20 cm x 20 cm 

  • Beautiful handmade lokta paper - the paper with a clear conscience!
  • Each lightweight sheet is precision cut to 20cm x 20cm
  • 2 of each pale/pastel colour - all naturally dyed
  • As featured by HappyFolding.com

Lokta paper is a really beautiful paper for your origami projects. The paper is light but very strong and can add slight and subtle texturing to your folding.

This pack contains lovely pale pastel colours which makes for a really pretty end result!

Lokta paper is a sustainable resource as it is made from the bark of a plant which grows high in the Himalayas. Handmade at every stage.

Natural dyes are used throughout.

Each pack contains 2 sheets each of the 10 different colours. Colours may vary slightly from those shown.

All of our products are designed here in the UK and manufactured in Nepal. We trade fairly and ethically with the resulting benefits to the artisans and communities in Nepal